Finnish Statistical Group (LUKE) released its latest seeded areas estimates for major crops in Finland.


Area seeded to oats is estimated at 348,000 Ha, up 9% from 2020, and if realized, would be 3% above the five-year average. Using five-year average area abandonment would see 2020 harvested area of 310,000 MT (see above). 


Based on the current harvested area estimates and a 2% drop in yields from the average would produce a 2020 oat crop of 1.057 MMT, down 9.6% compared with 2019 but 5% above the five-year average (see S&D pg. 2).


Oat yields in 2019 came in 13% above average and given the periods of dryness this growing season in major oat regions, the below-average 2020 oat yields will more than offset the area gains.