Saskatchewan 2018 oat crop quality forecast well above average

Posted on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 7:06 pm News Stories.

Saskatchewan Agriculture (SA), in the last crop report of the year, estimated 85% of the provincial oat crop will come in at the top two grades.

While this is down from 94% last year, the 2018 crop is still well above the five and ten-year averages of 79% and 70% in terms of milling quality.

In fact, the 2018 oat crop would rate in the top three since 2004 (see chart right and table pg. 2 for detail by year and grade).

Based on the latest Saskatchewan Government regional oat yield forecast, the data points to good yields and quality in major oat production areas in the North and east-central (see map above).

This further suggests North American oat millers, while dealing with a smaller oat crop this year, will have good quality available in Canada’s largest oat producing, milling and exporting province.

The only concern we have at the moment is where the final provincial yield will finish at.

SA is forecasting the provincial yield at 82 BPA versus Stats Can’s Sept estimate of 91.5 BPA and the five-year average of 91.8 BPA.  It should be noted SA tends to under estimate yields