Further area and yield cuts this month take the 2018 Australia oat crop to the lowest in second lowest in 36 years

Posted on Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 at 8:54 am News Stories.

One of the worst droughts in history has reduced the Australian oat crop to the second lowest level in 36-year low and near the record low.

ABARES today pegged 2018 oat production at 0.888 MMT, down 15.3% from last month and 20.7% below last year. The current estimate is 38% below the average.

ABARES made area cuts of 17.3% in Western Australia this month and 2.1% in South Australia (see table pg. 2). Yields were reduced this month by 36.4% in Victoria, 6.1% in South Australia.

Production was lowered this month in all states apart from Queensland and Tasmania.

Production in Western Australia, the largest oat exporting state by far, is down 13% this month and 25% below the five-year average. The positive is production is up 4.5% YOY.